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Kerala University B.Tech.Combined First and Second Semester Engineering Graphics Previous Questions 2008 Scheme

Combined First and Second Semester B.Tech. Degree Examination, May 2009

(2008 Scheme)


Instruction : Answer any two questions from each Module

                                                                    MODULE – I                                                                                                                
1. A wire unwinds itself from a drum of 50 mm radius. Draw the locus of the free
end of the wire for unwinding through an angle of 360°. Draw a tangent and
normal at any point on the curve.
2. Draw one convolution of a logarithmic spiral, given the shortest radius as 1.5 cm
and ratio of radius vectors enclosing an angle of 30° as 7 : 6. Draw tangent and
normal at any point on the curve.
3. A line PQ, 75 mm long has its end P in HP and Q in VP. The line is inclined at
45° to VP and 40° to HP. Draw the projections and locate the traces.

MODULE – II                                                                                                            
4. A pentagonal pyramid side of base 25 mm and axis 65 mm long rests with one
of its corners on HP such that the base is inclined at angle of 60° to HP and one
side of base is perpendicular to VP. Draw its projections.
5. A hexagonal pyramid, base 30 mm side and axis 65 mm long, is resting on its
base on the ground with two edges parallel to VP. It is cut by a section plane
perpendicular to VP inclined at 45° to HP and intersecting the axis at a point 25 mm
above the base. Draw the front view, sectional plan, sectional side view and true
shape of the section.
6. A thin lamp shade is in the form of a frustum of a cone with its larger end 180 mm
diameter, smaller end 60 mm diameter and height 135 mm. Draw its development.

 MODULE – III                                            
7. A rivet head has the shape of a hemisphere of radius 32 mm and is placed with
the circular face touching the top of cylindrical shank of diameter 44 mm and
length of 75 mm. Draw the isometric projection of the rivet.
8. Two ducts of square cross-section are joined together with their axes at right
angles. The vertical duct has a side of 50 mm and the horizontal duct has a side of
40 mm. All the faces of both the duct are equally inclined to V.P. Draw the
projections, showing the lines of intersection of the surfaces of the ducts.
9. A rectangular block 3 cm × 2 cm × 5.5 cm is lying on the ground plane. A
vertical edge is in the PP and the larger face containing that edge makes an angle
of 30° with the PP. The station point is 5 cm in front of the PP, 3 cm above the
ground plane and lies in a central plane which passes through the centre of the
block. Draw the perspective view of the block.